Interior design: Consultations and Advice

If you need to organise your space, or you need more light, or it is boring… You can choose the COACH service which consists in an advising session on the site or via skipe or e-mail, to diagnose the problem and find the solution.

The COACH service for consultation and advice on interior design has two modalities.

COACH 1 session 180€(VAT not included)

2 hours consulting to study the problem, making series of suggestions to help in finding the best solution.

COACH 2 sessions 315€ (VAT no included)

Two consultations via skipe or e-mail, the first one to study and diagnose the problem and the second to make suggestions to find the best solution.


cuina_s diseñoFor example: a kitchen for kids


A client needs to solve a problem in his home. The home, newly built, has a kitchen without tiles on the walls and he has little children. One of the walls where there is no furniture gets dirtied every day.


I suggested that he made a sketch related with the subject “kitchen” and after doing it to apply a coat of latex varnish to that wall to solve the cleaning problems. The cost of this solution was only the cost of the paint, as all the family took part in making the drawing.

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